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Getting Around Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach International Airport
When traveling into Daytona Beach, FL, one of the most convenient transportation options would be to fly into Daytona Beach International Airport. The airport serves flights operated by Delta Airlines, US Airways, and US Airways Express. Throughout the year, direct flights are available to Atlanta, Newark, Detroit, and a few other cities located throughout the country. Larger airports including Orlando International Airport and Jacksonville International Airport are located just a couple of hours away and handle direct flights to and from many more domestic and international cities.

Another way to get into Daytona Beach would be to take a bus. The city is served by the national Greyhound Bus Lines. The bus terminal is located right near downtown Daytona Beach and Greyhound buses can be used to connect directly to larger bus terminals in Jacksonville and Orlando within just a few hours each. Through the use of the Greyhound Bus Lines, a traveler could ultimately connect to any major city in the United States.

The third option for getting into Daytona Beach would be to take a train. The city is directly served by the Amtrak train line via the Thruway Motorcoach line. Travelers can take the train directly into the city and then connect to DeLand Station, which is located less than thirty minutes away. Once they have connected to DeLand, a traveler can connect to the Silver Meteor and Silver Star train lines, which run throughout Florida as well as to other cities on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.

VoTran County Public Transit System
Once inside the city, there are a few public transportation options. The primary public transportation option is the VoTran County Public Transit System, which is a bus system that runs throughout Daytona Beach and a few of the other surrounding communities. The bus system has a total of 28 different bus routes, which provide convenient access to get all over the city. The fleet has approximately 100 different buses, of which about half are para-transit vans. Approximately 10,000 people ride the bus on a daily basis.

A1 Beachside Trolley
Another public transportation option is to take advantage of the A1 Beachside Trolley. This trolley service is a seasonal transportation option that runs from January until Labor Day. The trolley is handicap accessible and is widely used by tourists for a transportation option as well as an affordable way to site-see.

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