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Volusia Mall
Located on the International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Fl, the Volusia Mall offers a wide selection of national chain stores for shoppers to browse through. Traditional designer clothing, sporting goods, jewelry stores, and a handful of restaurants make this all-American mall a shopper-friendly location for people in the Daytona area. If shoppers want to bypass the standard restaurants in this mall, a cafeteria-style food court offers an array of fast food vendors and comfortable benches and booths to take a break from purchasing goods and carrying bags around.

Bellevue Avenue
On Bellevue Avenue in Daytona Beach, FL, thrift shoppers will get a thrill from the Daytona Flea and Farmer's Market. Hundreds of vendors line up to sell everything from collectibles, handmade toys, fresh produce, and vintage clothing and accessories. Finding a good deal is possible if a person enjoys wandering through many vending tables in search of the perfect treasure to take home. This is also a great social and entertainment area for people who enjoy mingling with other shoppers and comparing notes on collectible items and hard-to-find items.

Ocean Walk Village
The Ocean Walk Village is a two-story complex located on the sandy beaches of Daytona Beach and is just over a mile away from the center of town. Filled with eccentric shops and designer retail boutiques, everything from surfboards to upper scale handbags and jewelry can be found throughout the various retail shops in this famous shopping district of Daytona Beach. This is also a favorite and convenient shopping center for people who are staying in hotels on the beach due to its close proximity.

Destination Daytona
Destination Daytona is a well-known shopping district in Daytona Beach and features a top-rated Harley Davidson store, clothing stores, art galleries, restaurants, hotel lodging, retail kiosks and more. This center is known for being a one-stop-meets-all-needs retail, dining, and lodging center for Daytona. People who enjoy having all necessities and amenities close at hand will find this is the perfect place to shop and visit.

Sunshine Park Mall
Sunshine Park Mall is a comfortable and posh mall located in southern Daytona Beach, FL. This air-conditioned mall has a layout that is easy to follow and is sprinkled with a variety of stores that sell designer art, clothing, decadent gourmet candies, electronics, and more. The mall also has restaurants and coffee shops, attractive fountains, and elevators.

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